In addition to the exhibition, which has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence, this year ISDEF will also include a 3- day conference as a central component of the event. The conference will be led by key figures from the fields of defense, homeland security, cyber security, and financial technologies, which will contribute from their experience and offer insights into possible solutions that concern virtually every member of the international community.

The main topics of the conference are:

  • Worldwide challenges presented by the refugee crisis
  • Terror:  ISIS, the Islamic world, and the relationship between the two

The lectures, workshops and seminars throughout the conference will examine some of the hottest topics in the realms of defense and HLS, from three angles: “The Physical World”, “The Virtual World”, and “The Financial World”.

This innovative approach is based on the realization that the lines between cyber and “conventional” warfare are more blurred than ever; and promises that conference attendees get a comprehensive analysis and perspective of globally relevant issues.