17 Nov 2014

ince the establishment of official diplomatic ties in 1992, India and Israel have become natural allies. With ever increasing trade and development between the states, the defence industry has become the cornerstone of this continued success and is the key point of Indo-Israeli relations.

Israel is one of India’s biggest suppliers, and India constitutes Israel’s most significant defence client. Some of India’s most important defence systems have been bought from, or developed with the assistance of Israel and her defence industry.

Israel has played a key role in helping to modernize India’s capabilities and establish itself as a key regional force helping to ensure the safety and security of her armed forces and citizens. The relationship between these two states is not one of supplier and client but rather joint research and mutual growth.

One of the most important projects undertaken between India and Israel is the Barak 8 missile system. Jointly developed to suit India’s diverse security needs, the Barak 8 has become one of the worlds most technologically advanced air defence missiles, and will constitute the future of India’s continued Air defence systems on land and sea. India has also reportedly ordered Israel’s Spike anti-tank missile in order to give its forces 21st century anti-armour capabilities.

The future holds even greater promise for cooperation between the world’s largest democracy, and the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel is assisting India’s Defence Research and Development Organization with the development of its advanced Future Soldier System, known as ‘F-INSAS’. The aim is to create an Indian soldier that is a fully self-contained fighting machine.

Israel will also be assisting India with the development of its portable command and control system that will need to meet all the harsh environmental requirements in India’s regions and be able to link soldiers with the rest of the Indian command structure.

Promoting further cooperation between Indian and Israeli companies should be the main priority for the future. ISDEF hopes to enhance the continued cooperation between Indian and Israeli companies.