17 Nov 2014

ISDEF is Israel’s leading international Defence and Security Expo, with an emphasis on encouraging cooperation between international and Israeli firms; we will be placing a significant focus on promoting the market potential for foreign and Israeli firms to cooperate in the field of cyber security.  ISDEF 2015 will be the perfect foundation for companies to take advantage of the ever growing Cyber Security field, and collaborate with leading figures from Israel and abroad in the heart of Israel’s cyber security revolution.

Israel has quickly become one of leading nations in cyber security and cyber warfare. Realizing the nature of the threat and benefits of investing in this field, the government, ministry of defence and private sector has quickly gone about forming one of the most formidable cyber and tech sectors in the world. A hub for innovation and excellence, Israel is showing the world the best way to ensure the continued protection of cyberspace and infrastructure,

The rest of the world has followed Israel’s example and come to the realization about the importance that cyber security plays in overall defence of a nation and it’s military.
In 2013 it was estimated that global spending on cyber security was about $70 billion, with an estimated increase of at least 10% every year.

In 2014, the Pentagon will spend $4.7 billion on cyber security operations, a jump from $3.9 billion the previous year, while the Pentagon cyber security budget outline calls for spending almost $23 billion through to 2018. France last week announced it would be investing an additional $2 billion in reinforcing its cyber defences from attack.

It is obvious that even amongst global austerity; the one constant is a substantial and continued increase in cyber security spending. Countries are putting more and more resources and effort in cyber security. With more and more foreign companies continuing to invest in and operate R&D and technology centers in Israel, it has become clear that the human capital and government support provided, ensures that the future of global cyber security and cyber warfare is in Israel.

In addition ISDEF 2015 will be focusing on other key-growth areas in the defence industry. Some of the most important areas for potential growth and collaboration are C4ISR, CBRNe and EOD, Soldier Modernization programs, Advanced Simulation Systems, Weapons Accessories, Spec-Ops, and multi-role Unmanned Systems. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities on a global scale is for joint ventures and collaboration. ISDEF 2015 will offer the perfect platform for International and Israeli companies to promote their capabilities and explore new avenues of collaboration.

At ISDEF 2015 there were attendees from over 93 different nationalities, and 63 international exhibitors. ISDEF 2015 will have even more International visitors and exhibitors, and will continue to be Israel’s largest international Defence and Security Expo, a key global event for promoting industry growth and collaboration in Israel and abroad.