Col. (Res)Arik Davidi

Col. (Res) Arik Davidi): CEO and chairman of “E.G.G

Arik David served in the IDF for 25 years. During his service Served as dep. Commander of Tanks division, as well as, Tank Brigade Commander,Brigade Commanders Course and an Instructor in Battalion Commanders Course. Tank Battalion Co. at the Golan Height and Lebanon, and IDF representative in Hamburg (Germany). General inspector IDF, IDF internal Comptroller, Head of Inspection and Comptrollement Department. Active Judge in the IDF Court Appeals in Reserve army service.

Graduate of the Israeli National Defense Collage. Graduate of the Hamburg High Academy for War and Leadership, Graduate of the IDF Brigade Commanders Course, MA in Political Science and geopolitics of Middle – East – Haifa University. BA in Political Science and Mathematics – Haifa University, MA in International Relationship – Hamburg Academy for Leadership.