General (R.) Dr.Ephraim Sneh, M.D.

Served in Israel Defense Forces in various command positions:

Commander of a medical unit of the Paratrooper brigade, October 1973 war.

Commander of the medical teams, Entebbe rescue operation, July 4th 1976.

Commander of airborne combat search and rescue unit [669], Israeli Air Force 1978-1980.

Commander of South Lebanon Security Zone 1981-1982.

Head of Civil Administration in the West Bank 1985-1987.

He served as a Member of Knesset (Israeli Parliament) 1992-2008.

Minister of Health 1994-1996.

Deputy Minister of Defense 1999-2001.

Minister of Transportation 2001-2002.

Chairman of Knesset sub-committee on Defense Planning and Policy 2003-2006.

Deputy Minister of Defense 2006-2007.

In 2009 he founded Silver Bullet Ltd, a geo-strategic and defense consultancy, and serves as its President. He is the Chairman of S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya Academic college.